International Whistleblower Representation

Representing Tax Whistleblowers for over 10 years

K&M has been representing tax whistleblowers in complex tax fraud schemes for over 10 years, obtaining numerous rewards for our clients and recovering over $100 million for the United States. Many of our cases were filed before the enactment of the new Tax Whistleblower Law in December of 2006. Since the enactment of the new law, the number of our firm's tax whistleblower claims has increased dramatically. We have successfully represented more tax whistleblowers and recovered more tax rewards than any firm in the country.

Our firm obtained the first multi-million dollar tax reward since the formation of the Tax Whistleblowers Office in December of 2006. In that case, our client recovered a $5.5 million partial payment as a result of blowing the whistle on a complex fraud scheme involving a multi-national corporation’s tax treatment of stock dividends to its employees. That case had been filed several years before the passage of the new Tax Whistleblower Act and formation of the Tax Whistleblower Office. Nonetheless, the Tax Whistleblower Office worked closely with our firm to obtain the result for our client.

Prior to the Tax Whistleblower’s Office being formed in December of 2006, our firm was the only whistleblower firm regularly pursuing tax whistleblower claims pursuant to the former IRS reward program. As a result, we are the only firm that has obtained numerous rewards for tax whistleblowers. In the process, we have developed invaluable experience in dealing with the IRS and the Tax Whistleblower's Office on whistleblower claims.

No firm in the country has more extensive experience handling large tax whistleblower cases. We work with whistleblowers on a regular basis and have helped the IRS collect well over $100 million in back taxes which have earned substantial rewards for our clients. Our firm offers you an opportunity to maximize your tax rewards for your information. We will provide you with the high quality representation needed to protect your interests.

A Track Record of Success

Members of our firm represented several whistleblowers responsible for multi-million dollar recoveries by the IRS, resulting in substantial rewards for our clients. Some of these cases include:

  • United States v Estar, Inc., a complex international stock and tax fraud scheme by a Taiwanese-based corporate conglomerate resulting in a $99 million recovery
  • “Son of BOSS” tax shelter scheme orchestrated by accountants in Chicago and Texas resulting in a $20 million recovery
  • A Commodities Future Trading tax scheme operated out of Dubai resulting in a $30 million recovery
  • A transfer pricing scheme involving fictitious invoices generated from five different foreign entities resulting in a $50 million recovery

A Commitment to Your Privacy

The lawyers at K&M understand the serious nature of these cases and the need for anonymity on the part of our whistleblowers. We are dedicated to protecting your identity, and any information you provide to us will be protected by attorney-client privilege. We take your privacy seriously. We will never disclose your identity to any third party, including the Internal Revenue Service, without your express consent to do so. Once your identity is made known to the Internal Revenue Service, we will work with the Service to ensure that your anonymity is protected throughout the whistleblower process. In most cases, taxpayers are unaware that they have been the subject of a whistleblower claim.

An Experienced Staff

Our law firm is comprised of experienced attorneys and forensic tax accountants with varied backgrounds, including:

  • Forensic Accountants
  • Former IRS Revenue Agent
  • Former federal prosecutor with extensive experience litigating federal criminal tax cases

Robert P. Brennan, the firm’s CPA, was recently voted one of the top 50 practitioners before the IRS by CPA magazine. Our firm has represented more tax whistleblowers than any other firm in the country. Let us use this extensive experience to make sure your case is handled properly so that you can collect the reward you deserve.

Maximizing your Reward

Under the Tax Whistleblower Statute, whistleblowers are entitled to 15-30% of the civil taxes penalties and interest collected by the IRS. If whistleblowers are not satisfied with the award they receive, they have the right to appeal the award to the United States Tax Court. To maximize the whistleblower award, it is important to retain a law firm admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court.

To maximize your tax reward, the whistleblower law firm will need to work with the IRS throughout the entire investigation and then appeal the reward decision if it is an unsatisfactory award. K&M employs a former IRS revenue agent and forensic accountants who will assist the IRS until the completion of the investigation by preparing audit plans and subpoenas. This continued participation is crucial to your ability to receive the highest reward allowable. We will also file an appeal with the United States Tax Court if you feel your tax reward is unsatisfactory.

K&M investigates all potential cases free of charge and represents tax whistleblowers on a contingency fee basis. If we do not obtain a reward for you, there is no fee.

If you have knowledge of large-scale tax underpayment, please contact our tax whistleblower attorneys today. Kenney & McCafferty will consult with you about your case, without obligation. All communications with Kenney & McCafferty attorneys regarding your case are confidential and protected by attorney-client privilege.